Visit Delhi, Ladakh, Calcutta, Bhutan, Sikim, Darjeeling
20 nights in best available hotels
Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
Special, private events
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Himalayan Kingdoms


Shrouded in mystery since the beginning of time, the Himalayas continue to fascinate us today.  A fortunate few will take this journey from India to the moonscapes of Ladakh, on to the sophisticated British-flavoured metropolis of Calcutta (a black hole no longer), to the ancient Buddhist monasteries and sweeping landscapes of Bhutan and Sikkim, up to the tea plantations and Victorian charm of lofty Darjeeling. 

A highlight of this journey is Timphu Tsechu - the festival honouring Guru Padsambhava, the tantric saint who brought Buddhism to Bhutan.  Dancers and musicians dressed in brillant silks whirl and leap against the backdrop of sky and mountains.

As always, our small group will enjoy the benefits of a professional escort to complement local guides, the best available accommodations, various and sometimes unusual means of transport and cuisine.  Not for the faint of heart, this adventure begins in highly civilized Delhi as a stepping-stone to the edge of the world - the majestic Himalayas.

  Tour Overview

Two nights in Delhi's glittering Taj Mahal Hotel in superior rooms.  Our welcome dinner will be held at the Masala Art restaurant.  We have a full day here to explore the major sites of New and Old Delhi.

Four nights in Leh at the Dragon Hotel .  This becomes the base for our explorations of Ladakh, the easternmost corner of the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir.  We  visit temples, stupas, religious enclaves, gardens, and palaces, all set amidst a wondrous landscape.

Two nights in Calcutta at the stunning Taj Bengal Hotel where we immerse ourselves in this jewel in the crown of the Raj.  Endlessly fascinating, culturally diverse, quinessentially Indian, you will be surprised and pleased with your discoveries.

Two nights in Darjeeling at the Windamere Hotel to meander through this epitome of Colonial architecture and ambiance set above lush gardens of tea.

Two nights in Gangtok's Nor-Kill Hotel from which we discover the dramatic countryside, monasteries, and cottage industries of Sikkim.

Our in-depth explorations of Bhutan continue over the next six days.  We begin in Phuntsholing at the frontier, visit Paro with its lush gardens and monastery, see traditional farms, experience the afore-mentioned festival, take in  stupas,  fortresses, more monasteries, and admire the glorious views at every turn. 


We return to our "home" at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi to celebrate our journey with a leisurely afternoon culminating in a farewell party in the Haveli Indian restaurant.

This itinerary may be reserved as a private departure with a date of your choosing.

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