How to Plan Your Trip


Suppose that you have decided that an itinerary customized just for you is the way to go.  Perhaps you will be celebrating a special birthday or anniversary, or you just want to be independent.  We will be happy to make all the arrangments required for that special trip - and to make it even better than you had hoped.

The process goes something like this: we ask all kinds of questions so that we understand your goals and expectations.  We can then customize your trip itinerary for you.  We will want to quiz you about your specifics interests, the pace at which you like to travel, what kinds of hotels you like (or wish to afford) and anything else that will go into making the trip uniquely yours. 


Once you have agreed that it is time to begin planning YOUR trip based on YOUR instructions to us, we ask for the first installment of our non-refundable professional planning fee.  See Terms and Conditions for more detail. 

We then make any and all arrangements - hotel, car (through our wholesaler), museum reservations (if you want to visit any of the major ones at all, it's important), guides where they might be appropriate, and restaurant, theatre, and opera bookings as needed.   We of course work together throughout the process so that the trip is truly all YOURS enhanced by Our expertise.   A few weeks prior to departure we email you an "electronic" package with all supporting documents - hotel and car confirmations, train tickets, museum bookings where necessary, along with a detailed chronological itinerary outlining all arrangements plus suggestions of things to see and do, and our favorite restaurant suggestions.  At this time you will be charged the second installment of the non-refundable booking fee.

If you decide to cancel the trip any time after the file is opened, an "unbooking" fee of $250 immediately becomes due and payable. 

Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions which apply to your booking with Connoisseur's Travel.  We strongly recommend Travel Insurance as a means of protecting your travel investment.




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