Why Travel Insurance?

There are many different reasons to consider protecting the cost of your trip with travel insurance.  Consider that any of the following events could prevent you from taking your trip:

  • unexpected sickness or injury
  • hurricanes or other natural disasters
  • terrorism
  • labor disputes
  • lost or delayed baggage
  • bankruptcy of the airline, cruise line or other supplier

Without travel insurance you would be unable to recover the cost of penalties or the non-refundable payments made toward your trip.

There are many travel insurance companies from which to choose. You may, of course, obtain the coverage of your choice.  Our preferred companies are Travel Guard and CSA.  

Please see the following websites for complete details of the policies offered:

Travel Guard International

CSA Travel Protection

The customer service representatives at either company will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding this policy, and to assist you in completing the application.  For Travel Guard please dial 800-826-4919 or for CSA please call 888-873-5484. 

If you provide us with all travelers birth dates ALONG with your home residence we WILL OBTAIN a quote, as well as process the application for you.  Or you may prefer to complete the application on line or by calling the above numbers.   Please note our agency code which is 34936580.  You will be asked for this number when completing your application.   We strongly recommend that you protect your travel investment with insurance.






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