Independent Custom Travel

How often do you look at a glossy brochure for a wonderful tour and think: how fun, how terrific, I want to go there and do that, but I don't want to travel with people I don't know.  What if I don't like them, or the guide?  Independent custom travel allows you to explore and discover on your own.  I prefer to take my own independent custom trip.

Independent custom travel, designed and personalized solely for you, may be the answer.  A professional travel planner will help you to lay out the trip of your dreams with all of the features and nuances that you don't want to miss - uniquely for you.  We will handle all of the many details and arrangements for the guides, hotels, cars, trains, museum appointments, restaurant or wine-tasting reservations, to name just a few of the possibilities.  It's your trip - not for you to worry about, but for you to enjoy.  Next time you want to be OnYourOwn our customized style of trip planning may be just right for you.