India - Deluxe Escorted Tours

The highlights of a deluxe escorted tour to India are many.  These journeys touch on many of them: the stunning mosques and temples; the sumptuous palaces and wonderful architecture; the scenic beauty of the natural landscape; the myriad of flowers and the colorful dress of the women; the exotic handicrafts and craftsmanship.

While on a Connoisseur's Travel deluxe escorted tour to India meet the Royal Bengal Tiger on his own ground (from a jeep, of course).   Haggle with the merchants in medieval markets.   Ride an elephant into a grand fort.   Dance under the stars with a Rajasthani folkdancer.   Dine in style, and divinely, in royal palaces.

There is also poverty and disease; there are traditions and customs that seem strange and awful to us; there is heart-wrenching beauty and heart-breaking sadness; there are the warm and friendly people; there is the exotic air lent by a rich and intricate cultural and religious tapestry.

There is much to learn and a very great deal to enjoy on these exotic adventures.   Join Connoisseur's Travel for one of several deluxe escorted tours to India.