Mexico - Deluxe Escorted Tours

A wealth of culture and beauty, great food and weather, warm and friendly people and a host of unexpected pleasures lie within easy reach in Mexico on a Connoisseur's Travel deluxe escorted tour to Mexico.   Our neighbors in Latin America are gracious and hospitable.  Their major attractions are easily accessible to us, and on the same time zone!

A Connoisseur's Travel deluxe escorted tour to Mexico (each no larger than 10 participants) will take you to a variety of destinations within the Republic.  These include: the many Hidden Treasures of the Yucatan; our private view of the world's largest metropolis, Insider's Mexico City; or a more extensive tour of the famed Colonial Cities of Morelia, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, and Queretaro.

What better getaway than to lose yourself in the timeless rhythm of the Latin beat. The attractions are many: major cultural and archeological sites, charming colonial cities, native art and handicrafts, natural beauties of all types from a myriad of flowers and butterflies, to lakes and deserts, and rivers and mountains. We partake of exquisite food fit for an Aztec king, a city sophisticate, a local beauty, and a welcome guest you!  Please join us on one of these deluxe escorted Mexico tours.