Sicily - Deluxe Escorted Tour

Sicily is a fascinating place - surprisingly sophisticated as well as culturally rewarding.  A privileged few will join Connoisseur's Sicily for a deluxe escorted tour to visit private homes and palaces of the aristrocracy, and the rural villas and fattorie of the country gentry for a true insider's view of the best that is Sicily.  Our experiences will range from old-world white-glove service while dining with a Contessa in her in-town palazzo, to stirring the curds while making ricotta in a rustic country farmhouse.

Sicily is a melange of cultures from down through the ages.  It is a study in contrasts: strange and beautiful; peaceful and chaotic; frustrating and charming.  The people are warm and friendly.  The food is a blend of the simple and the sophisticated, and always delicious.  The archeological sites are second to none, and the landscape is spectacular.  Sicily is never dull.  It is full of hidden treasures.  A deluxe escorted tour to Sicily with Connoisseur's Travel offers an exclusive opportunity to make these discoveries.